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Are you are looking for wedding or baby shower favours? Maybe you are a retail business looking to make a purchase of stock? Perhaps you are a local b&b / hotel that needs soaps?


Please be aware that all my soaps are handmade for customised orders, preordering is essential. My soaps are cured for a minimum of 4 weeks, this is to ensure a hard long-lasting bar.

If you are wanting a custom new shape (from a mould I do not currently own) then the design will have to be confirmed and purchased. This may add additional time to your order.

Please be aware I am restricted in what I can produce and sell. Soap comes under cosmetic legislation. If I do not have a recipe assessed I can not legally sell it. I am also unable to provide any food shaped soaps; this is due to food imitation laws.

Please drop me a message, all enquiries are welcome.

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