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My love for soap making began in October 2019, when I made my first batch. Needless to say, my first batches were a complete failure, and they all met their end via a bin. However, eventually after a bit more research and practice, I was soon able to start producing soap I was happy with. At this stage in my life, I was completing my 3rd year of university, and soaping was a relaxing distraction from my architecture portfolio.  2020 happened and we realised a change to our lifestyle was needed, 2021 soon rolled around, and the realisation that the Wyre Soap Company could exist soon occurred. 

olive oil pour.png
olive oil pour.png


To produce high quality handmade sustainable cold process soaps, our products will be packaged and shipped in biodegradable or recyclable material. While a lot of our soaps use 'natural' ingredients, there may be times when using a natural ingredient may actually be environmentally damaging compared to synthetic versions. At this point, a synthetic/man made option may be used. 


  • Grow our product range over the next year to provide a varied range of goods both locally and within the UK.

  • Produce high quality beautiful handmade small-batch soaps and other bathroom items.

  • Collaborate with other local businesses and producers, to support and create unique local products.

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​The Wyre Soap Company.

6 Cleveley Drive, Hollins Lane,

Forton, Preston, Lancashire

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