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What does 'POA' mean?

It means the period after opening. It is the number of months that a product has been deemed safe to be used for after it has been opened.

Why has my soap lost its scent?

Some soap scents can fade with time. This happens more often when using natural essential oils compared to synthetic fragrance oils. Citrus essential oils are prone to fading.

Why is my soap sweating / are there water droplets on my soap?

Is this a salt soap? salt by its nature is hygroscopic; so it attracts water from the air. You may find this happens when the humidity is higher.

Why is my soap soft?

Soap might go soft if it is unable to dry enough between uses. A soap dish, especially one with water drainage and airflow will improve the longevity of your soap.

What does 'cold process' mean?

This relates to the fact that I have not added any external heat into the wet combined stage of the soap.

Do you use sodium hydroxide?

Yes, I do. You cant make cold process soap without it. Within 3 days of being made, all the sodium hydroxide ( also known as caustic soda/lye) has been completely neutralised due to the soaponification between itself and the oils/fats used.

Do you do workshops?

I'm sorry this is something I don't currently offer.

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Do you do custom orders?

Yes, I am happy to talk about custom orders. Please be aware that I am restricted by what I can legally produce; as it must comply with the assessments I currently have. Any soaps will need a minimum of one month to cure.

What is curing and why does it take so long?

Curing is when we let the soap sit for a period of time. This is normally to allow water evaporation and the formation of its crystalline structure. Some soaps like a Castille soap may require 12 months of curing due to their oil formulation.

What do you mean by Hand bar and Bath bar?

This is my way of differentiating different sizes. Hand bars are smaller and are ideal for a sink. While the Bath bar being  larger are more suited for a bath/shower; where a larger bar will last longer. This doesn't mean you can't use a hand bar in the bath or vice versa.

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