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A mild spice scented soap made using a mixture of natural ground spices. Ground Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Bay Leaf and Nutmeg naturally scent and provide a natural colourant. Making this soap reminds me of baking cakes.


The lather is a pale beige-brown colour due to the ground elements. Due to the ground spices within this soap, it has an exfoliation effect when used. It has a rougher exfoliation than the salt soaps


Each bar is unique in the swirls and patternation.


No essential oils, no fragrance oils. Fully natural colourants. This soap is vegan.

Spiced Soap

  • In between uses ensure the soap can dry. This can be done by using a soap dish/ lift/ saver. This allows excess water to fall away and air movement around the soap.

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