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For those wanting a luxury spa feeling at home. These shower steamers release beautiful essential oils scents while you shower to help you unwind, relax and invigorate the senses.



Anti Anxiety

Made with Essential Oils; Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lavender and Safflower Petals


A beneficial combination that relieves stress, helps to calm down and improves the mood. This steamer has a soothing and warming effect.





Focus Booster

Made with Essential Oils; Bergamot, Lemon Eucalyptus and Calendula Petals.


A beautiful combination that can help clear you head and provide focus. This steamer has a soothing and sinus clearing effect.



Steamy Shower

Made with Patchouli, Yang -Ylang, and Jasmine essential oils to bring a wonderful floral steamer. A classic mix of scents well known for cleansing, stress relief and detoxing.



Deep Sleep

Made with Lavender and Mandarin essential oils, anfd decorated with Lavender flowers. This aromatic steamer uses essential oils well know for relaxing and aid in calming before bedtime.



Party Booster

This shower steamer is made with Tea Tree, Thyme and Juniper essential oils. These essential oils are known for boosting invigorating, stimulation of blood flow and helping the skin barrier heal. Ideal for those wanting a more earthy shower steamer. And ideal either for mornings or evenings.



All these shower steamers are Vegan friendly, use essential oils and flowers or seeds.

Shower Steamers

  • Place in the base of your shower. The shower steamer will create real luxury spa experience in your own home.

    I like to advise placing on a soap dish, on the lip of the shower or a shelf in your shower. You want the steamer to be able to get wet but not drenched. This can be a multi use product.

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