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Feeling like your skin is feeling dull and in need of a pamper ? Why not try our range of face masks.


Our Rosehip clay face mask is made with Kaolin clay which is well known for its calming benefits; which can help with irritations and flair ups, oil absorbtion and its super gentle exfoliation. While Rosehip are packed with vitamin C, E and B, natural antioxidants and are well known for their antiinflammation properties.


This face mask is less abrasive and has a smoother feel on the skin than the charcoal and the green tea face masks , and so it especially suited to those with gentler skin and those not wanting a deep exfoliation clean mask.



Rosehip Clay Mask - Face - Body

    • In a new bowl/ container place 1 -2 tsp of the face mask
    • Add your liquid (Honey, yogurt, water)
    • Blend to create the desired thickness of paste
    • Apply to the face
    • Enjoy your pampering session
    • Remove face mask with water and soap. Avoid using pale coloured cloths to wash and dry face to avoid any colouring staining
    • For added pampering moisturise afterwards
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