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These double thick face scrubbies are ideal for helping to remove daily dirt or foundation makeup. Use with a cleansing product or water, and the natural cotton fibers will act as a mild exfoliant.


Once dirty place in your wash basket and either handwash or wash at 40c cotton wash. Air dry and then reuse as often as you can.

Cotton Face Scrubbies x 3

  • These items are handmade and while i do follow a pattern, each one will all be unique. Please allow some variance from the photographs.


    Recycling; these items are meant to be reused, but are not impermeable to damage and wear. Once the item has reached the end of its life, please either recycle them at your local clothing bank or compost them( they should be cut up into small pieces to help speed composting)

  • These items are made from 100% natural cotton yarn.


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