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Want to up your bath game ? Why not consider a bath tray ? These olive wood bath shelf trays are step up in compared to bamboo options out there.


Made from Olive wood. These trays are 75cm wide and come with small rubbered plastic feet, these features are to help your tray sit securely.




Ideal for those wanting a more naturalistic rustic looking bathroom. Each bath tray is unique so please allow for variation.



These have been made from decommissioned Olive Oil trees and are handmade in Germany. Olive wood is ideal for bathroom items due to its dense structure, also the natural oils within strengthens the wood and provides protection against water damage.

Olive Wood Bath Tray 75cm

  • Size:  75 cm long x 16cm wide x 2cm deep


    Due to the handmade nature, the size and thickness and may vary slightly

  • Please note like all wooden items these bath trays will need occasional tlc.

    • Allow the trays to dry out
    • lightly coat with olive oil
    • allow to soak in for a few hours
    • dab any excess oils away
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