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Feeling like your skin is feeling dull and in need of a pamper ? Why not try our range of face masks.


Our Charcoal face mask is made with Kaolin clay which is well known for its calming benefits; which can help with irritations and flair ups, oil absorbtion and its super gentle exfoliation. While the Charcoal is well known for its gentle exfoliation, cleansing and is known for helping to reduce blackheads and the size of pores.


Charcoal Clay Mask - Face - Body

    • In a new bowl/ container place 1 -2 tsp of the face mask
    • Add your liquid (Honey, yogurt, water)
    • Blend to create the desired thickness of paste
    • Apply to the face
    • Enjoy your pampering session
    • Remove face mask with water and soap. Avoid using pale coloured cloths to wash and dry face to avoid any colouring staining
    • For added pampering moisturise afterwards
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